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Students pay a monthly fee, which must be received in full at the first lesson of the month.  Please be prompt. Weekly installments will not be accepted.

Five-week months:  If you receive five lessons in a given calendar month, you will pay the same four-week fee.

  Cancelled Lessons:  When a lesson is canceled, the monthly fee remains the same.  The only exceptions, where one week’s fee may be subtracted - or a makeup lesson may be scheduled - will be for:

  • extended illnesses or vacations (a week or longer)
  • major holidays
  • legitimate emergencies
  • lessons canceled by me (which will be rare)

Make-up lessons:  A canceled lesson may be re-scheduled, either during the same week or at any time in the future.

  • It is up to you to request a make-up lesson.
  • If you cancel a lesson, the monthly fee remains the same, regardless of whether or not you schedule a make-up lesson.

  If you miss a scheduled lesson without notifying me in advance, or if notification is needlessly last-minute, no make-up lesson will be available, and the monthly fee remains the same (unless, of course, there is a legitimate emergency).

Free lessons:  If you recommend me to a friend, you will receive one free lesson following your friend’s first lesson, if your friend continues lessons.  (The free lesson will be a single 45-minute fee or one-hour fee, whichever applies in your case.)


  Some other teachers in our area charge a materials fee, a registration fee (!), a fee to keep the previous year's appointment time, a fee if you don't continue lessons during the summer, etc.  Some charge for major holidays in spite of the fact that they don't teach on these holidays.  I consider these practices to be entirely inappropriate.  But I do ask for everyone to acqaint themselves with the policies listed here to avoid misunderstandings.