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At this moment, I do not know what I can say that would sum up what you have meant to us all these years.  Although I do believe we will be seeing you in the years to come, today marks the last of Harry's weekly lessons, twelve years in total.

As a music educator myself, I have learned so much from observing your teaching.  You have the pedagogy literally down to a science.  When your students leave your studio, they know exactly what to do and the process by which to maximize their practice time.  Nothing was ever left to chance.  My son finishes high school near the top of his class, a straight A student, the recipient of numerous offers of merit scholarships.  I truly believe these accomplishments would not have been possible without your tutelage all these years.  More important than any honors we can put on paper, many teachers gave him instruction to develop his skills.  It was your artistry that made him the human being he is today.

I could go on and on about the many musical experiences you gave Harry, experiences that will never be forgotten but the message I want to get across here is actually not about the performances or musical development, significant as those thins are.  You were a staple of my son's childhood.  No matter what the circumstances, his lessons with you always provided a constant in his life, encouragement when needed, a push when warranted, celebration and camaraderie always.  For this, my entire family will be forever grateful.



I searched for a LONG time looking for a piano teacher for Timothy.  I remember my first phone call with Larry expressing my concern over my then-12-year-old son who really disliked playing piano.  Larry"s response over the phone was "oh, you don't have to worry about that."  With those words, he gained my confidence, and my son started his piano lessons with Larry.  After the first lesson, my son said "That was fun!"  Ever since then, he not only looked forward to every lesson, but he also pracitced the piano at home diligently.  It was truly fascinating how a passionate teacher can inspire a student who absolutely had no interest in piano.  My son's piano skills have progressed tremendously in the past year - it is truly amazing!  I highly recommend Larry for anyone looking for the BEST piano teacher.



I have been taking lessons with Mr. Schubert for a long time now,and even after all this time, he is still the best teacher I have ever had.  He is special in so many ways.  Most importantly, not only is he an amazing teacher, he is an amazing friend.  Not only does he know how to help improve my playing, he knows how to make me smile and laugh.  I am truly grateful for having such a role model in my life that I know I can always trust and look up to.

KATIE T. (age 12)

You can access Katie's excellent videos here.


An earlier comment from Katie:

Mr. Schubert is kind, understanding and extremely humorous. When I was little, I had a different piano teacher. I didn't like playing the piano when she was my teacher. But the moment I started taking lessons with Mr. Schubert, I knew I was going to like piano. Now I love playing the piano! So if you're looking for an amazing piano teacher that has an entertaining and understanding personality, then call Mr. Schubert right away. If you asked me who was my favorite teacher in all the ones I had, it would be him. He is the best piano teacher in the world!

KATIE T. (age 8)


Larry has been more helpful than I imagined any teacher could be.  I came to him as a self-taught intermediate piano player without realizing the amazing depth he had to offer.  We have been working to fill in the gaps in my foundational knowledge, while at the same time pushing my abilities to their limits at each lesson.  Friendly and patient, I feel that Larry has greatly refined my ability to understand and play music.  I am very grateful to have have him as a teacher!




My son started working with Larry Schubert at the end of kindergarten. Now he is about to start middle school. If one had told me he would be playing the piano with the proficiency and confidence, not to mention the incredible skill for such a young musician, at this point, I never would have believed it. As an accomplished musician myself, I have seen many teachers over the years. Larry Schubert has developed a system of piano pedagogy that is literally down to a science. Not only does he have a unique ability to introduce, foster and encourage fine musicianship but he has a way with children that makes classical piano instruction fun and engaging.


You can access excellent videos of Sara's son Harry here.


It has taken me a lifetime to understand that if one has patience, a strong work ethic, and most importantly the right teacher, one can learn anything. Mr. Schubert approaches teaching the art of music in such a logical way that he may as well be teaching organic chemistry. Our (now) seven year old son, who is not always a patient student, has been studying with Mr. Schubert for approximately six months and knows more about music theory than I do. His clear, precise, thoughtful presentation of the structure of both music and the instrument starts from the first moment and makes learning a complex instrument tangible for everyone.

With this logic, Mr. Schubert truly brings the “art” of teaching well; this inspires his students to constantly improve themselves. He talks to children in a way they can understand, but he NEVER talks down to them. He gives even the youngest a sense of the beauty they are creating with each piece. As a parent, what more could one hope for.

If you are looking for a very special teacher, PLEASE do yourself a favor and call Larry. I had searched for months for the “right teacher” and look forward to knowing him for many more years.



 I just wanted to say thanks for such a great year :). Studying the Chopin with you was such a great and exciting experience, making me look forward to lessons and practicing every week. The G Minor Ballade was my favorite piece studied to this day and I couldn't have achieved what I had without your guidance and help. Thanks again, and I hope we have another fantastic year! 

KEVIN C. (age 15)

You can access Kevin's excellent videos here.

An earlier comment from Kevin:

I've been studying with Mr. Schubert for less than a year.  However, throughout this small period of time, he has registered and prepared me for numerous amounts of competitions, festivals, and concerts.  He has also taught me new concepts such as balance of the melodies, the una corda, rubato, and many, many more.  During lessons, Mr. Schubert is informative, critical, and very funny.  I am very lucky to have such a great piano instructor.

KEVIN C. (age 13)



The first day I walked into Mr. Schubert’s lesson, I didn’t know what to expect.  I’m a very serious piano student who practices three to four hours every day and my last piano teacher wasn’t all that great, so I didn’t really expect much.  Little did I know that he told me to play REALLY slowly to be sure that everything was precise, and then had me speed things up later.  I really enjoyed the past two years learning piano with him.  He is a really good teacher and even fulfilled my request for a piece by Liszt.  Mr. Schubert, thank you for everything that you taught me, including the many jokes in the lessons.  Thank you!

LYONS (age 13)

You can access Lyons' excellent videos here.

Since writing those kind words, Lyons auditioned and was accepted into the Precollege Program at the prestigious Manhattan School of Music.  Although I'm certainly sorry to see him go, I know that he'll do outstanding work at the Manhattan School and I of course wish him the very best.  Following his last lesson with me, Lyons was nice enough to send the following note.  For a few of his references to humorous phrases, a bit of translation may be necessary:  "rollercoastery" is a comical description of an uneven tempo; "the singer that was drowning" refers to an accompaniment so loud that it "drowns out" the melody!

All right, where to start?  These past two years and a half flew by quickly!  I just wanted to thank you for everything.  You made all our lessons fun and enjoyable.  Remember rollercoastery?  You always made the wierdest and funniest jokes in the lessons.  You can't forget about the singer that was drowning!  We really had a good time in our lessons.  We attended a lot of competitions, so it was a very good experience for sure!  You taught me valuable skills that I can use for the rest of my piano career.  You taught me how to practice slowly and with the metronome.  You were a great teacher so thanks for everything you taught me!
LYONS (age 13)

I started taking piano lessons with Larry as an adult four years ago.  I took piano lessons for six years when I was a teenager, and had a few teachers during that time.  Larry is by far the best teacher I ever had.  He quickly understood my situation, and tailored a curriculum to strengthen my weaknesses and nourish my strengths.  He always provides specific, clear, detailed instructions, and constantly reinforces good habits.   With endless patience and a sprinkle of humor he helps me break bad habits that were engrained in me by non-professional teachers.  Larry stresses the importance of quality, not quantity, and pays great attention to details.  Most of what Larry considers to be “basic” I was introduced to for the first time when taking lessons with him.  In addition to accuracy he teaches proper balance, articulation, technique, dynamics, pedals, expressiveness etc…  Although I learned some of these before, I am now learning them at a much more advanced level.  Larry knows how to get the best of me at every stage.  I have improved dramatically, and reached a level I never imagined I could.



When I started piano class I was only 5.  I thought that my piano teacher would be mean.  After Katie (Annie's sister) said you were the best teacher ever, I did not think that you were mean at all.  In fact I think that you're nice, generous, funny and kind.  Wow, I never thought I would have a teacher like you.  You're the best piano teacher I could ever ask for.  I love being your student!  You make me smile.  Love,

ANNIE (age 6)

You can access Annie's excellent videos here.


I have been taking lessons with Larry for almost a year and a half.  Larry is by far the most patient, focused, and engaged teacher I've ever had.  Despite my being an older adult, who will neither teach nor have a musical career, I feel that Larry takes his responsibility toward my learning and improving very seriously.  The lessons are informative, enjoyable, productive, and mentally challenging.  As a result I am always motivated to practice and improve.  I'm a fan!



I've known Larry for over 20 years now.  I started lessons with him when I was about 13 years old.  I had expressed my yearning to learn more classical music to my piano teacher at the time, so she recommended me to: "THE Classical Piano Teacher on Long Island" (her words).  As frightened as I was (especially because my English was very limited at the time), I went to my 1st lesson and met the infamous "Mr. Schubert". Larry was patient, kind, enthusiastic, encouraging, and somehow, always made me laugh.  I was introduced to a new world of piano playing, where classical music and composers came alive through Larry's endless animated descriptions.  After studying the piano with Larry for many years, Larry suggested that I should become a piano teacher myself.  And, I did.  Thanks to Larry, I've had a great career and a wonderful time teaching the piano!



I had lessons with Larry for about a year when I lived on Long Island.  Although it took me an hour and a half each way to go to his studio, I found it worthwhile and immensely beneficial to my growth as a musician because of his incredible knowledge and insight into the classical piano repertoire.  His interpretation is authoritative, his instructions clear, and above all, he inspired me to want to practice harder!  Thanks Larry, for all the beautiful little details you helped me find in my pieces!  What I learned from you I will never forget!


YiYi is an esteemed pianist/teacher formerly from Long Island, currently living in Califronia.


Mr. Schubert has been teaching my 5 year old daughter for about half a year now. I knew he was an accomplished pianist and has some advanced students. What impressed me the most is how well he teaches 5 year old beginner. For just half a year, everybody is amazed how much she has improved. Also, my daughter calls Mr. Schubert her favorite teacher and absolutely loves to go to his class.



I recently had the privilege of hearing several of Larry's students perform at the PIANO GUILD auditions in Huntington, NY.  These young musicians played complicated literature, with such attention to detail.  They seemed to truly understand the music, rather than just playing the notes.  What a pleasure it was to see (and hear).

KENNETH MARTINAK, Adjudicator National Piano Guild, NYSSMA


I've been taking piano lessons from Mr. Schubert for about four years now and the experience has been truly amazing for me.  He's taught me that emotions must be seen, heard and felt through every performance and that musicality is just as important as virtuosity/technique.  When he is instructing, he gets down to every last detail in a given piece of music and makes sure that I understand how each individual beat, note, ornament, etc. helps make the piece come alive.  Ever since I began taking lessons from Mr. Schubert, I've noticed that my technique has improved immensely, that I am much more musical and emotional when I play and that my overall musicianship has risen up to a level I used to dream of.  I am now going into college and if it weren't for Mr. Schubert, I wouldn't have gotten into the Eastman School of Music, as well as the Manhattan School of Music, the Mannes School of Music and others.  Thank you so much Mr. Schubert for all that you've done for me!!

GEORGE (age 18)

You can access George's excellent videos here.


George started his classes at the Eastman School, of the world's most prestigious conservatories, and wrote to me shorly afterward.  The following is an excerpt from his email:

Hey Mr. Schubert!!!!!
I thought it would be good to tell you how things have been and what I've been doing here at Eastman!  Guess what...I placed out of the theory course!!!!! And I know for a fact that if you hadn't taught me theory and four part harmony, I would have been placed into the beginners section of theory class...So, I'll end by saying thank you!!! You have prepared me for all of this and if I hadn't taken lessons from you, I believe that I wouldn't be doing nearly as well as I am, and probably wouldn't have gotten into this amazing school in the first place!!  Because of all the things I learned from you, I have grown to a level that has prepared me for everything that have had to face and will be confronted with in the future here at Eastman.  Email me or call me anytime, please! I'd love to chat and/or inform you on anything you might want to know.  Thanks so much, again!!!

GEORGE (age 18)


Mr. Schubert has been teaching my 3 children for the past 6 years and no amount of praise adequately describes his talent as both a pianist and teacher, and his dedication and respect for all his students.  I highly recommend Mr. Schubert!



I studied with Larry for many years as a child through high school. I then went on to study piano performance and recording engineering at the Peabody Conservatory. My life has been absorbed in the creating and recording of music in large part due to the influence of Larry Schubert during my formative years. He taught me musicianship, technique and a deep appreciation of the meaning of music and how it can transform people's lives.



I first met Larry many years ago when I went to Molloy College for a degree in music therapy. He has been my teacher on and off ever since. I have found his lessons invaluable since I am also a piano teacher. He is an extremely gifted pianist and teacher; and on a personal note, one of the most generous and kind individuals I have ever met. I set a very high standard for myself in my own playing, and that is why I must study from the very best. Thanks for everything Larry.



Dear Mr. Schubert,
I have just spent two hours of pleasure and wonderment listening to your students on your web page.  Of course the students are wonderful, but it was the admiration of your teaching that has left me starry eyed and humbled.  And then to hear your performance of the beautiful Dohnanyi Cascades was a great pleasure in itself.  I was unfamiliar with it and it certainly rivals Ravel and Debussy in its charm and sweep.  In any case I just wanted to send you this note of thanks and appreciation for these wonderful hours of illumination.


Tamara Slobodkin is neither a student nor a student's parent.  She is a highly regarded pianist and teacher who has been active on Long Island for many years.  I recently had the pleasure of meeting her briefly and was surprised and flattered to receive this extremely kind email from her.  It has been quoted with her permission. - L.S.


I am 10 years old, and I've studied with Mr. Schubert for more than 2 years and planning to do so for many years to come. He is a great piano teacher who happens to be nice, patient and funny as well. Every time I go to piano lessons I find out that I learn a lot of challenging new techniques in a short period of time, and I always come out feeling great. I feel very lucky I have Mr. Schubert as my piano teacher.

KATIE Z. (age 10)

You can access Katie's excellent videos here.


None can come close to the degree of wisdom, understanding and passion that Mr. Schubert possesses and never fails to demonstrate every time a student walks through the door.  I have studied with Mr. Schubert since I was five years old (I am 19 now), and not a single lesson has gone by during which I do not learn something new that has influenced me in some form or another.  I have seen myself develop as both a performer and a student of music theory and history in a way I never imagined possible.  Wolds that few are privileged to be a part of Mr. Schubert has introduced me to.  It seems amazing, but the more I learn from him the more I realize both his incredible sensibility and knowledge as well as my own zeal to learn more.  An essential part of my life has been shaped by the loving and dedicated instruction of Mr. Schubert.  A truly remarkable person indeed!  I hope "Lawrence Schubert Piano Instruction" brings the same joy and satisfaction to you as it did me.



Mr. Schubert is a musical fountain of knowledge and detail.  His lessons truly bring consistency, motivation, inspiration, dedication and RESULTS.  His teaching technique is very relaxed, informative, thorough and purposeful.  Being firstly a French horn player, I went to Larry to broaden my range as a musician and become a pianist.  Other than learning to play the piano, he has showed me a different, more thorough way to approach learning music.  I have become a different teacher and musician because of him.  His method is mistake-proof.  He is always kind, understanding, supportive and sets achievable goals.  I have immensely enjoyed working with Larry and I honestly do not believe I could be at this level, in under a year of piano instruction, if I had gone to another teacher.  If you want quality with a smile, take lessons from Mr. Larry Schubert.



Being both a musician and instructor for many years, I am still amazed at how Larry continues to bring out a potential in me that I never dreamed possible.  He is truly a gifted and dedicated teacher.  



My 7 year old daughter Victoria has made great improvements with Larry Schubert as a piano teacher. He provides the right balance between music theory, technique and practice. He makes the classes fun for my daughter but at the same time he is giving her a solid foundation on how to understand and perform music. It is very rare to find an accomplished pianist that is at the same time such a gifted teacher.



在学琴的道路上, 我很有幸认识了Lawrence Schubert老师。 他让我重新了解到了学习钢琴的态度,也认真得教我如何正确的识谱,如何正确的练习。他更让我深刻的学习到了真正的西方音乐特色,这是在中国学不到的。Lawrence Schubert老师的教学让我非常感动。他非常细心,耐心,并且幽默。 没有严厉的语言, 但是有非常严格的要求, 最终使每一个乐句达到完美。跟Lawrence Schubert老师在一起上课让我找到了音乐带给我的美丽和快乐!再次谢谢我的可爱的老师!期待我们下次再相见!

In the course of my piano studies, I am very lucky to have met Mr. Lawrence Schubert.  Mr. Schubert gave me a new perspective on piano playing and has taught me in a focused way how to read music accurately and practice correctly.  His instruction has deepened my understanding of the unique characteristics of Western classical music.  In China, one cannot learn what I have been taught here.  I'm very moved by Mr. Lawrence Schubert's way of teaching: he is very patient, attentive, and humorous; he does not use harsh words, but has high standards that lead every musical phrase to perfection.  Taking lessons with Mr. Lawrence Schubert has helped me to find the joy and beauty in music.  Thanks again to my wonderful teacher!  Looking forward to the next time we meet!


Zhen is a part-time student at the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music.  She has studied with me here on Long Island for the past two summers, meeting with me for many hours each week. - L.S.


The recital performance was amazing, we really enjoyed it!  Mr. Schubert is a great teacher!  He inspired my daughter to really enjoy playing the piano, which had never happened when she was studying with a former teacher.



Mr. Schubert is a quietly powerful instructor..He is kind, gentle, fun...and an incredible teacher. Our daughter Abigail began taking piano with him in September of '09, and she looks forward to going to her lessons every Monday. Mr. Schubert makes learning fun, and has a warm welcoming smile each time we see him. Abigail is playing the piano beautifully, and has come such a long way in such a short time. Mr. Schubert is an amazing talent, and a true inspiration. AND...probably the most patient man I have ever met!!! Thank you Mr. Schubert for making this such a wonderful experience for our daughter!!



The hardest task is to write a brief concise summary of Lawrence Schubert and his teaching skills. There's just NOT ENOUGH SPACE to capture his brilliance and expertise. I studied piano with Larry over 20 years ago. I had studied with many teachers before that time, however, I had only begun to realize what a pianist really is, does, and what a teacher should be 12 years into my training when I began my lessons in Centerport with "Mr. Schubert." I am now a professional opera singer, about to portray Chopin in Poland (how lucky am I) and still using the skills he taught me to learn music, his wonderful memorization techniques, interpretive gifts, all around genius, patience, understanding, philosophy, kindness and abandon to make MUSIC!  My years with Larry are still effecting my ever-changing and growing process as a musician. He has given me an understanding, appreciation and technique that has remained with me for over two decades now. Chopin actually said, regarding music performance "Put all your soul into it, play the way you feel." Larry teaches that and more, because his stylistic and technical instructions are the foundation which enables you to go beyond and include that emotion which makes music! THANK YOU LARRY!!!



I have studied with Mr. Schubert for two years and in that short time I have learned more than some people could learn in many years.  He is the best teacher I have ever had for anything and I don't know what I would do without him.  With his help I was accepted into every college music department I auditioned for and will be attending Ithaca College as a music education major.  I highly recommend him for anyone looking into taking lessons with him. 



Mr. Schubert was a wonderful teacher! His appreciation and understanding of each individual student's abilities makes him a great professor. I felt his greatest strengths were his attention to detail and the high level of discipline he expected from each student. He made a tremendous impact on how I practice and how I think about music. I am very grateful to have studied chamber music with him. His theory text is by far the best I have ever used, which includes the texts I used as an undergraduate. I was far better prepared in theory during my undergrad years at Eastman due to his text and great teaching.



Thank you so much for finding a time to provide a piano lesson for me.  As a result, I will be paying more attention to my dynamic range, tempo accuracy and musical harmonic tension.  I appreciated you tolerance of my mistakes and overall kindness.  Your students are so fortunate to have you as their teacher.

BARBARA, Hot Springs, S.D.


My 9 year old son Christopher has been studying piano with Mr. Schubert almost a year now, and I have to say he is truly the most wonderful teacher my son ever had. When my son started his piano lesson, my worries were that he would not be able to stay focused during his lessons and he would probably quit after a couple of lessons. Amazingly, Christopher just had his first annual recital! What keeps my son interested in learning music through piano and being brave enough to perform on stage is Mr. Schubert's unique teaching method. Besides being one of most talented musician, Mr. Schubert is the most patient teacher I have ever met. He has tons of experience with motivating young children to learn, and his way of teaching is so fun filled and effective. As a mother, I truly appreciate Mr. Schubert and feel lucky that my son learning piano with him. Thank you, Mr. Schubert for being such a wonderful educator to my son!



I have taken lessons with Larry since I was in the 4th grade.  I am now 24.  The only reason I stopped is because I entered grad school full time.  Larry is the most patient, understanding, and extremely talented teacher I have ever had.  I have learned so much about music that it has become an essential vitamin in my life!  (I tried but I don't think I can ever top Larry's jokes!)  I still continue to play all the time and will never stop!  Thanks Larry!



I studied Chamber music with Mr. Schubert for 2 years in High School and it was one of the best experiences of my musical career! He was a challenging and inspiring teacher and I am grateful for the opportunity to study with him!



I have been taking lessons with Mr. Schubert for as long as I can remember, and I've loved every second of it. He is a wonderful teacher of not only Piano but also of Music Theory, and he greatly helped me prepare for the AP exam. I have also seen him perform live, and he so passionate about music it's astounding!

MICHAEL (age 16)


I felt Terry (8 years old)  is very fortunate to have Mr.Schubert as his piano teacher during the past months.  I'm surprised to see it happened to him several times at home that he sitting on the piano bench and play proactively. This is a HUGE progress that I found in Terry's piano practice.  Before we started the lesson  with Mr.Schubert, it's been always a big stress for letting him focus on his daily practice, even a short practice within 20 mins. He lost his concentrating quickly.  I believe all this amazing magic is the result of  the way how Mr.Schubert teaches and guides the kids during his class.  For all  Terry's 1 hour lesson, it has been  always with a feeling of much more shorter than 60 mins  because of the delightful, hilarious yet still tracking back of student's  weakness of certain music notes or skill, corrections, encouragement,  great enjoyment of the classic piano pieces regardless longer or shorter piece, and there is so much more. All these has been greatly effecting Terry's interesting in music.  Thank you, Larry! You are leading him on the right path!  You are the greatest teacher ever!



Larry is an incredibly gifted pianist and perhaps an even more gifted teacher. His virtuosity and passion for music enable him to teach a wide range of students from beginners to advanced. I have studied with many piano instructors over the years and feel blessed to have found Larry. His knowledge of classical music is unparalleled and he has always been able to take my playing to the next level. Under his tutelage my technique has improved and I'm playing in a way I never thought possible.



My 9-year-old son Kevin has piano lesson with Mr. Schubert about 6 Months so far.  Kevin is very happy to see him every time.  Kevin knows almost nothing about music and piano 6 months ago, but now he's capable to play many pieces of interesting music, it's unbelievable progress.  Now that Kevin starting like music in general not only piano, he was the second one got red tassel in instrument playing in his grade (about 300 students in his grade).  Mr. Schubert is knowledgeable in both of music and education, my son is lucky to have him as his first piano teacher.



I have been taking piano lessons with Larry for over a year.  Since I started playing the piano at almost the age of 50, I have faced many limitations, starting with memory and technique... and Larry always finds the way to help me overcome these obstacles.  He not only has the knowledge of a pianist and musician, but also the patience and the best pedagogical method, along with his great personality and very good sense of humor. With all these qualities, Larry is a complete professional who inspires me to drive 100 miles round trip every week to take my lesson.  Thanks so much Larry.



The patience of a saint.  Thank you for sharing your love of music with my daughter.



An accomplished and talented musician in his own right, Mr. Schubert is also the consummate teacher who continues to motivate our son to higher levels of achievement in piano performance and music theory aptitude alike. He is exacting, yet patient with a keen understanding and appreciation for his student’s talents, goals, and objectives that he successfully blends to exceed expectations.  Larry Schubert is an inspiration!



Larry's meticulous way of teaching, combined with his patience and great personality, makes each lesson an enjoyable learning experience. I have to use a magnifying glass to look for 1% errors, but I get to learn the correct playing techniques and experiment with sounds in ways I have never thought possible. Never again is a piano piece finished for me. Thank you Larry and I look forward for many more of your lessons!



After conducting extensive reach for the right piano teacher for my 8 year old son, Brian, I came across the website of Mr. Schubert. Brian started taking piano lessons in April of 2009 and the results are unbelievable. Brian is a very bright kids with a keen sense of humor, but like all 8 year old boys does not like to practice. Larry Schubert found a way to keep my son interested in learning music and encouraged him to practice every day and stay motivated. Brian can't believe his own ability to play difficult pieces in such a short time. Brian likes to show off his new skills to all of his family members during visits. Mr. Schubert is very patient, he has a great sense of humor and yet he is very serious about his work. Mr. Schubert finds unique approach and brings out the desire to learn in every student. What I like the most about Mr. Schubert's instruction is his ability to set high standards from the start and expect the very best work during each lesson.



I had my first lesson with Larry at the age 15 and continued through college. Through Larry, my playing transformed from rather sloppy to more precise, intense and musical......I began to see every phrase as having it's own unique purpose within the context of the whole musical story. Of course, as musicians we all evolve but there are very definite traces of Larry in my playing today. I can not more highly recommend him as a thorough, patient, and wise teacher!



I have been a student of Mr. Schubert's for about seven years. He can make classical music fun and interesting to learn. He is an incredible piano player, which helps contribute to his astounding teaching. I highly reccomend him if you are looking for a piano teacher.

DANNY (age 14)


Thank you Larry, for being such an inspiring, supportive, and brilliant teacher! I wouldn't have major in both music and computer science without your inspiration. Music still played an important part in my life as I have been working in a music conservatory for almost 20 years utilizing both my music and computer knowledge.



My 8-year old Daughter has been taking piano lesson from Larry for about two years and Karen made big improvement in the way I expected. Larry is the piano teacher we really want! Karen had two teachers before and she did learn how to play piano with them. However, I always felt something was missing. Finally, Karen quit piano lessons for a while before we found Larry. I find the way he teaches is what I want for my kid. He does not only teach you how to play piano, he teaches you how to understand the music by learning the very basic and very important things. He can find a special way to deal with the kid and inspire the kid to enjoy the music. He really takes teaching kids seriously as education not just for knowing something. After listening his teaching, my mind also calms down to be ready for the next week's hard work-to watch Karen's practice. Karen has a lot of friends learning piano. After talking with their parents, I think Larry is the best.



One of the biggest things I regret about moving away from Long Island is the fact that I had to stop taking lessons from Larry. I really enjoyed my time with him, learning not only about the inner workings and expressive potential of the classical masterpieces, but about the process of learning itself. His concise, always musical, organized, no nonsense approach to teaching is truly inspiring.



Lawrence Schubert is one of the best music teachers I've ever had, if not THE best, and I've had numerous music teachers over the years for the various instruments I play and for composing too. I miss my piano lessons!



Just a note to mention what a great teacher Larry is, was, and still is. I am a pianist/teacher also and learned so much from him years ago - imagery that was so wonderful that I use with MY students. He knew just what to say to bring out the best.



Look in the dictionary under PATIENCE, and you'll see Larry's picture. I'm an adult student and I've certainly proved his patience o'er and o'er... Thanks Larry!



I studied with Larry for many years as an adult - and not only enjoyed the lessons and practicing, but also with his help was able to play some great pieces that I loved. I only stopped because I moved away , and still miss it. Highly recommended. Larry can help students bring out the beauty in every piece, and nurture their own special talent.



Your students are all very lucky to have the opportunity to learn from such a gifted and supportive teacher. Thank you for inspiring Teagan.



You know you got a great teacher when you can't wait for the class time.. then once you are back from his class the first thing you want to do is get on the piano to tryout the newly learned amazing secrets to playing piano well. Thank you Larry.



I had the great privilege of studying with Larry during my four years at Molloy College. I owe most of my technique to him. He is a dedicated and passionate teacher.



I have been taking piano lessons and playing piano for 4 and a half years. I have taken lessons with Mr. Schubert for 3 and a half years. Mr. Schubert is an excellent piano teacher, and has made me come a LONG way in the past few years. I highly recommend him if you play piano.

ALYSSA (age 14)


Thank you Larry! This man has not only helped me to love music but to take it as seriously as it deserves. Bravo.



I came to the piano as an adult - With patience, kindness, and an understanding of my strengths and weaknesses, Larry has guided me on a very amazing journey. I have gained confidence and have realized a dream that was always in my heart - to be able to play the piano. Many thanks, Larry.



I just started lessons with Mr. Schubert about say a year ago or less, but i have never had a piano instructor with so much dedication to his students. I hope Mr. Schubert will be a world renowned piano teacher. GO MR. SCHUBERT1 :)

JEFFREY (age 15)